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What do a paperboy, a pinup girl tattoo and a marathon runner have in common? Nothing. Besides our Hall of Fame.

We’ve had 7,645 people try for the Hall since 2001. But only 170 have been inducted. Read the unbelievable stories that got them in.


Doral Chenoweth

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Doral Chenoweth

Columbus, OH

Honorary Inductee, Doral Chenoweth – “The Grumpy Gourmet” – Doral is a multi-faceted craver, from serving as a Crave-Time-Cook-Off judge, to writing his own White Castle recipes and the forward for White Castle’s recipe book, “By the Sackful,” Doral has used his talents and his taste to live a lifestyle of craving.

Creators of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle"

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Creators of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle"


In the summer of 2004, two guys went where no major movie characters have gone before – to White Castle®. Now, because of this cinematic journey, five men behind the New Line Cinema release, “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” went straight to our Cravers Hall of Fame.

“Harold and Kumar” is a delicious comedy about two young men and one long night’s quest to feed their Crave, in the tasteful tradition of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” – which was also directed by Danny Leiner. Actors John Cho and Kal Penn dig in to the roles of Harold and Kumar, respectively.

The script by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg takes Harold and Kumar on a wild trip of mischief, misadventure and, of course, many burgers from a certain 24-hour restaurant.

“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” is a hilarious Slider® story of epic proportions that merits a special induction of Danny Leiner, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, John Cho and Kal Penn into the Cravers Hall of Fame, Class of 2004.

Danny Leiner, Director
Jon Hurwitz, Writer
Hayden Schlossberg, Writer
John Cho, Harold
Kal Penn, Kumar

Father John Stavropoulos

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Father John Stavropoulos

Canton, OH

When I was the pastor of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio, on Easter Sunday night (every year) after having fasted from meat for 40 days, a group of my parishioners and I would leave the resurrection service, which ended at 2:30 a.m. We’d immediately head down the street to White Castle and we would break the 40-day meat fast.

Now, I am not talking about a few people. There were at least 35 to 40 cars in the drive-thru. So close to 200 people would crave Sliders® (normally Greeks eat lamb on that night), but we found that Sliders® were quick, easy, tasty and available. Each year for three years the good word got out that Father John was leading the caravan to White Castle.

Jim Babjak and Bob Banta

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Jim Babjak and Bob Banta

Fort Collins, CO

My best friend Jim Babjak and I wrote a song called “White Castle Blues” in 1977. As luck would have it, Jim went on to become the lead guitarist for the rock group the Smithereens. In 1986, the song appeared on the band’s first album, “Especially for You.” The album sold more than 500,000 copies and I am the proud owner of a gold record for my contribution to White Castle lore.

As if that weren’t enough, Jim and I (along with Jim’s wife Betty and my brother Mike) traveled cross-country in 1980 and stopped by the White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Since our visit was unannounced, the receptionist called Bob Goldberg in the marketing department, who proceeded to give us a grand tour of the facility and treat us to lunch at the White Castle cafeteria at HQ. An article about our visit appeared in the White Castle newsletter and Bob Goldberg was good enough to send us copies. We saw Bob two years later at “White Castle Days” in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and shared our joyful memories of that visit.

Based on “White Castle Blues” and our golden memories of HQ, I not only nominate myself for the CHOF, but also my good buddy Jim Babjak.

Steven Luch and Nips the Pig

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Steven Luch and Nips the Pig

Detroit, MI

It is a pleasure for me to pass on to you a story of total dedication straight from Detroit. I am sure that you guys have heard all types of stories of true supporters, but you must hear mine.

First, I have a White Castle tattoo on my left arm. This is no drawn-on or fake tattoo; I will wear this tattoo proudly for the rest of my life. Sometimes the tattoo even brings me a free burger or two when I eat at White Castle – sometimes that’s five days a week!

Also, recently I have started throwing get-togethers in the Detroit area where we place orders for 500 White Castle hamburgers to accommodate the partygoers. For one of the get-togethers, I had the White Castle logo printed on the sleeves of more than 300 T-shirts!

For last New Year’s, we had another 500-burger get-together. After the party, my potbellied pig – Nips the Pig – enjoyed scavenging for any half-eaten or full burgers left. Nips the Pig has also been eating White Castle for her entire life. She’s always “giving paw” or “shaking” for a White Castle clam strip.

Anyway, I could babble on and on about how many White Castles I have purchased and how much advertising I have helped with. But if you are looking for a good marketing idea, remember Nips the Potbellied Pig and Steve from Detroit with the White Castle tattoo!

I am down with the WC ‘til I’m in the ground!

Gera-Lind Kolarik

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Gera-Lind Kolarik

Chicago, IL

I used to be in TV news. As the assignment editor and field producer for Chicago’s ABC7 News, I often found myself teaming up with a cameraman and heading out to cover breaking news stories. One hot summer day in 1984, there was a major prison riot downstate, so the cameraman and I quickly boarded SKYCAM, our trusty helicopter, and began our trek to southern Illinois.

We were in the air for about five minutes when hunger struck. With three live broadcasts drawing closer, we knew that landing for food would require two things we didn’t have – extra time and an empty field far away from any restaurants.

Then we flew over Berwyn, Illinois, and saw my hometown White Castle at the corner of Harlem and Ogden. Amazingly, I remembered there was an empty field just two blocks away. “Land in that forest preserve field,” I ordered the pilot.

I then ran two blocks and ordered 25 White Castles, some shakes and onion rings. I dashed back to the helicopter and we were off again. We ate as we hovered over the riot scene, beaming the live shots back to Chicago. Even a working TV news team has time to feed a White Castle craving!

Debbie Martin

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Debbie Martin

Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1966, I met a man named Lloyd. He worked the late shift, so when we went out, the only place that was always open was White Castle. We loved White Castles almost as much as we loved each other. We dated like this for quite a while, but we broke up. I also worked at the time and made $1.65 an hour. On almost all my paydays, I would take my mom and six younger brothers and sisters out to eat, always to White Castle. It made me miss him so much.

One payday, about nine months after Lloyd and I had broken up, I was standing in line at White Castle when my little twin brothers told me that I should look behind us. When I turned around and saw Lloyd smiling at me, I knew I still loved him. I gave my family their food and I went and sat with him. We ate White Castles and talked about our future.

This year we will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. Lloyd’s family told me after we were married that he had said he just had to go back to his White Castle-eating girl. And after all these years, two daughters and a granddaughter, we still love each other and we still love White Castle. When we’re out running errands, we still get the Crave. Lloyd always looks at me and says, “Do you want to stop and get a sack of White Castles to take home?” I just look at him and smile.

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